What are key training indicators in training metrics?

It is impossible for any business to stay on the same level for a long period of time.  There is such thing as competition.  And competition can be a very tough.  Competitors have just one desire – to wipe you out.  This is what keeps all businesses alert.

So, if you want to survive in the Morton business you need to develop.  This development can be financial, organizational etc.  Improving business is pretty much about improving your personnel.  Modern companies always pay a special attention to training of personnel.  Making employees more professional is making your business more profitable.  Well trained employees can deliver services all the highest quality.

Key training indicators will show efficiency of training sessions

Key training indicators will show efficiency of training sessions

Of course, is to spend a certain amount of money to train some or all of your employees.  And sure you want to see results.  What are these results?  This is increased profits of your company.

At the same time ineffective training will will be a waste of time and money.  If an employee gain knowledge he should use it, otherwise why should he be instructed anyway?

As you can see, it is really important to evaluate performance of your human resource managers who organize training sessions for the personnel.  How can you do that?  Just use balanced scorecard system and you will see how efficiently you invest money in personnel.

Balanced scorecard system evaluates special indicators which of sort of alarm bells for any business.  These indicators are also called KPI – key performance indicators.  They differ in different businesses, but in this article we will review major KPIs in training evaluation and training metrics.

1.  Expected revenue increase.  Every training session has its goal.  But the most common goal of is to get profit.  In other words, if you spend $200 to train one employee you expect to get, for example, $400 in profits.  Track expected revenue increased rate and you will be able to track training efficiency.

2.  Cost per employee.  This is perhaps the most important indicator of all.  If you manage to invest little and get much your quite an effective businessmen.  At the same time be a reasonable and do not invest trifling sums.  The ratio of cost per employee and expected revenue increase vividly indicates how your training works.

3.  Cost savings.  Some training sessions aimed at saving costs so employees of taught to save.  This may be time, money, resources etc.

Use key training indicators to evaluate training efficiency

Use key training indicators to evaluate training efficiency

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