Enjoy new product from AKS-LABS: SWOT analysis guide

Download a free swot analysis guide

Download a free swot analysis guide

Development of strategic goals is not an easy task.  In order to set correct strategic goals the company should possess complete information on its current conditions, weak points, strength, opportunities for development and growth etc.  There are many performance evaluation and strategic management tools available and the market.  SWOT analysis methodology is one of the most important and widely advertised.  SWOT is acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Having performed such analysis the company becomes aware of what needs to be done to improve car and performance and implement strategic goals.

AKS-LABS offers SWOT analysis guide which is designed for business owners, top managers and generally everyone who is interested in the problem of strategic management and SWOT analysis.

This information package contains templates on SWOT analysis which can be used to create customized SWOT metrics for companies irrespective of their size.  You’ll also find there frequently asked questions and implementation examples of SWOT analysis.

It is also possible to track similarities and differences between the popular Balanced Scorecard and SWOT analysis which have been long considered competitors.  The extensive SWOT analysis guide gives a comprehensive description of this methodology.

Get yourself a free version of SWOT analysis guide from his page or purchase the full version here.