Educate yourself when using BSC system

Buy a new training course on Balanced Scorecard

Buy a new training course on Balanced Scorecard

Automated business management tools are becoming increasingly popular in the recent years, especially in the large companies.  But the revolution in the concept of communicating company strategic vision with operation level broke out with the development of balanced scorecard system.  Of course business has always been measured.  But prior to the early 1990s only financial indicators were evaluated.  Balanced scorecard system started evaluation of non-financial indicators.  Indeed, how a company can become financially prosperous?  Of course through improvements in operational management.

Balanced scorecard system was the first to communicate strategic vision of the company goals with operational or lower management.  Through evaluation of four perspectives balance scorecard helps company management to work out key performance indicators, response measures and set realistic strategic goals.

This system has received a lot of criticism mostly from those companies and top managers which failed to make an effective use of balanced scorecard.  It should be noted that implementation of balanced scorecard is not an easy process.  It is very important to get basic knowledge and acquire key skills when implementing balanced scorecard.

From now on top managers and everyone who wants to use balanced scorecard in their company can purchase a training course on BSC which covers a lot of important issues and gives answers to a number of controversial and acute questions.

The training course is structured in a very convenient way.  The course sections are synchronized with stages of balanced scorecard implementation.  Thus, you will learn new things from simple tool more complex issues.

Experts in balance scorecard will share their vision on initial steps of balanced scorecard implementation and design, selection of winning KPIs and determining the optimal number of them, creation of strategy maps and cascading balanced scorecard.  Of course this is not the complete list of issues covered in the training course which consists of mp3 files (total length is 5 hrs).

It should be noted that the speaker uses at very clear and simple language, so even if you are not balanced scorecard expert you’re likely to understand everything or almost everything.

To support the idea of balanced scorecard learning will give you this statistics: only about 30% of managers are satisfied with the results obtained with balanced scorecard when the system was implemented without expert help, additional training or professional assistance.

Why not educate yourself and learn secrets of balanced scorecard system?  Purchase balanced scorecard training audio course from this page.

Education is all important to successfully implement BSC

Education is all important to successfully implement BSC

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